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Nisko Projects Electronics and Communication (1999) Ltd.

Summary of offer:

Joint Venture Partner/Representation/Franchisee-

Active and Passive Semiconductors/Electronic Components

Potential Partners:

IC/semiconductors manufacturers, Services/SW providers, sub electronics/RF modules.

Our company distributes products from the world’s leading electronic components suppliers to Israeli companies developing and manufacturing systems for a wide range of markets (Medical, industrial, military, telecom, power management, process control, etc.

Those companies are a mix of OEM Customers as well as leading Contract Electronics Manufacturers (EMS’s). Looking for unique offers from small to medium IC vendors, requiring local representative in Israel. Preferred companies are such companies with products as electronics devices/ sensors products/ components/ services for which we could be best fit as a local presence.

With more than 30 years in the market, our current portfolio includes active components, passive components, communications products, electro technical parts and power supplies.

We have High level of technical capabilities, supporting pre and post sales process, advanced warehouse capabilities. Strong financial back up as part of the Ardan Group.

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