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光明節快樂!Happy Hunukkah!


~ Chag Urim Sameach!~


May the miracle of light bring peace and happiness to your life!



🕎為何要點燈呢? 今年的12月18日(星期日)夕陽下山後,猶太人開始迎接光明節 (Hanukkah),在以色列這是冬天最重要的節日。早在西元前165年的這天,猶太人奇蹟似的戰勝希臘統治者,恢復了聖殿的敬拜,並重新點燃起聖殿中金燈台的燈。因此,在光明節這8天的每個晚上,猶太人都會點燈。光明節燈台共有九支燈盞,比一般金燈台 (menorah) 的七盞還多。 🍩為何要吃甜甜圈呢? 因為傳統相信當時猶太人正要過安息日卻沒有足夠的油,而橄欖油製作也需要時間。在聖殿只剩下一天的油,結果燈油卻一連燃燒了8天,發生了一個倍增的神蹟。因此,猶太人在光明節時會吃許多跟「油」有關的食物,其中就包括甜甜圈!

🇮🇱A little allusion to share with you about Hanukkah:

🕎Why light it?

After sunset on December 18 (Sunday) this year, the Jews are going to welcome Hanukkah. It is the most important festival in winter in Israel. As early as this day in 165 BC, the Jews miraculously defeated the Greek rulers, restored the worship of the temple, and re-lit the lamps of the golden lampstand in the temple. Therefore, every night of the 8 days of Hanukkah , the Jews will light lamps. There are nine lamps in the Hanukkah menorah, which is more than the seven in the normal golden lampstand (menorah).

🍩Why eat donuts?

Because the tradition believes that the Jews were about to celebrate the Sabbath at that time, but there was not enough oil, and olive oil production also took time. There was only one day's oil left in the temple, however, the lamp oil burned for eight consecutive days, and a miracle of multiplication occurred. Therefore, Jews will eat many foods related to "oil" during Hanukkah, including donuts!

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