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An Israeli entrepreneur helps to bridge international companies & has called Taiwan home for 20 yrs

Interview with Revital Shpangental

In Taiwan when we think about women's empowerment, an athlete, a businesswoman, a strong advocate for entrepreneurship, and all kinds of support to the startup community we think about one person, Revital Shpangental. Revital who is originally from Israel has been calling Taiwan home for the past 20 years.

In the midst of the 2009 financial crisis, Revital founded Anemone Ventures. A company that aims to support tech companies entering Taiwan and give local partners an edge to compete with the region’s competitors. Her company has become the bridge that helps support many international companies that want to establish themselves in the Asian market. Anemone Ventures identifies key partners and manage suppliers in Asia that will benefit medium or big companies.

Revital completed 3 years of military service back in Israel and studied Economics and Business BA before moving to Asia with her husband in 1999. She has experience working and living in countries like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. As you can tell by now, Taiwan is the place that made her feel confident enough to build her business, establish her network and even raise her kids for the past two decades.

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