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Astramedia Online Marketing Services Ltd.

Summary of offer - Export: GQ Syringes

Potential Partners - Hospitals, Distributors of medical equipment.

The company specializes in sourcing, managing and executing the production and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment across the globe.

They partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and have a dedicated quality control team on the ground at all locations, ensuring quality, competitive pricing and optimal service.

With over a decade of experience on the market, their partners have a proven track record of excellence in consistently providing a steady supply of top-quality products.

Their customers vary from private and state healthcare institutions to multinational retail groups in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

The company has a stock of 2M units of QG syringes that are being used by Israel's MOH, their expiry date is on 12/25 and is Ideal for all vaccines types for COVID-19.

CE Certification

Manufactured by Qatari German Medical Devices Co. on April 2021

Each Kit consist of:

1. 1ml syringe (Low Dead Space)

2. 23G needle + 1"

Price per kit is $0.03 (FOB Israel).

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