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以色列理工學院 is the leading institute for Science and Technology in Israel and one of the leading in the world which offers degrees for international students in science and engineering, and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management, and education. It has 19 academic departments, 60 research centers, and 12 affiliated teaching hospitals.Since its founding, it has awarded more than 123,000 degrees and its graduates are cited for providing the skills and education behind Israel- the start up nation as well as top inventions and discoveries which changed the world.

"At the Technion, we see the future.

We teach our students to regard challenges as opportunities, to view their imagination as a source of inspiration, and to recognize technology and science as tools to create a better tomorrow".

For more information about the programs, application process, scholarships and research collaborations please contact our representative in Taiwan-

Mrs. Meital Margulis Lin 林雨夢

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