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Summary of offer:

Import- Nonwoven polyester fabric for bitumen membranes manufacturing line

Potential Partners:

We are looking for nonwoven polyester fabric manufacturers to our bitumen membranes manufacturing line. We would like to know if you are producing for the manufactures of bituminous membrane.

Our company, a subsidiary of the Paz Oil Group, is Israel’s leading and largest manufacturer of a wide variety of waterproofing and insulation products for the construction and infrastructure industries.

Originally established in 1934, the company utilizes the most advanced technologies available to maintain a professional edge and to meet the demanding standards and requirements of the market.

The plant, located in the Galilee, near Nazareth, develops & produces a broad range of materials that provide a comprehensive solution for waterproofing requirements related to all aspects of construction and infrastructure.

Our products include:

  • Water-based liquid membranes for hand and for spray applications

  • Bituminous modified membranes (APP, SBS and self-adhesive)

  • White and colored coatings

  • Coatings for sports surfaces

  • Road maintenance materials

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