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Sensibo is active in energy efficiency and partnerships to create more sustainable heating & cooling solutions in order to support the green transition. Since their product works for office-buildings, hotels and for private residences - companies who work in HVAC / Air- Conditioning / maintenance for such buildings, compounds or institutions, would be very relevant.

Founded in 2014, Sensibo is the leader in the smart thermostat market for residential room air conditioners & heat pumps (split system units, window air conditioners, portable units, etc.) and indoor air quality. The company has an advanced cloud technology supporting all products on their own platform. Sensibo changes how we handle indoor climate and air. By leveraging cloud computing, sensors and data we optimize energy efficiency, air quality, health, and comfort. In January 2017 the company launched its 2nd generation device, Sensibo Sky. Features include: 7-day scheduling, Location based on/off, Multiple users controlling a single device, integration with Amazon Echo and IFTTT. The company is looking to expand into Taiwan and finding potential partners.

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