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Surplus International Ltd.

Summary of offer - Import-Export: Surplus Chemical Inventory

Potential Partners :

Chemical manufacture

Pharmaceutical manufacture

Agriculture manufacture

Solvents manufacture

Cosmetics manufacture

Pigments & Dyes manufacture

Food & Additive manufacture

Vitamins manufacture

Adhesives manufacture

Polymers manufacture

Resins manufacture

The company specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.

By procuring surplus chemical inventory from manufacturing industries and matching it with relevant buyers, we provide high quality and cost-effective inventory solutions.

We buy chemicals from companies with surplus inventory resulting from formulation changes, end-of-line productions, mergers or any other reason and sell our surplus chemicals to companies looking for top-quality raw materials at reduced prices.

The company will easily, quickly and safely identify a new owner for your unused materials from our extensive worldwide network.

We will take care of everything, making sure the whole process is seamless, safe, confidential and professional every step of the way.

Among our satisfied customers: Teva, ICL, AGAN, GALAM and more.

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