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Unique Solutions R.A.I Ltd.

Summary of offer : Export/JV/Representation/Franchisee: Patented Caulking Gun

Potential Partners: Distributors, Stores (Chains and independently owned), Wholesalers.

The company's product is a lightweight and compact caulking gun, whose unique and small structures make even the narrowest and hard-to-reach places easily accessible, while providing a smooth experience for the user from start to finish. Its convenient size ensures fitting into ANY toolbox.

The company's patent-protected design provides extra durability, a comfortable grip, 100% anti-drip technology and includes a high thrust ratio of 12:1.

One of its unique features is the ability to remove excess from the cartridge while in use which makes it even smaller! The user gets a clean and easy job for every use and from every angle.

Amir Nakash Owner and CEO at Unique Solutions R.A.I. LTD | Siligun - The Most Compact, Lightweight Caulk Gun

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